Thursday, October 16, 2008

I just LOVE cowboys. MyLove one the white horse, S.O.B.
From left to right...Brent Laney, Frank Westbrook, MyLove, Brents freind, and Robert Westbrook.
If anyone needs leather works give me a call. I love to make chinks, chaps, or bridles. They'll make great Christmas presents. Hint, Hint.

My Leather Works

Our Early Litter Of Puppies

Does any one want some puppies? Well these aren't them. But aren't they cute?We had this litter in the spring, but our female Meg is pregnate again. So we will have a litter of puppies around Thanksgiving. (we think) Im just giving the heads up! We think she was bred by the neighbors Border Collie. So well have full Border Collies this time. The puppies in the picture were half Border Collie and Lab. We kept one and shes the best dog we have!

The Wildlife World Zoo

A few months ago we took a trip to the Wildlife World Zoo. What a neat zoo, we almost like it better than the Phoenix Zoo. I would recomend the trip.

Of course they are famous for their white tigers and white alligators. Dont you love that expression!

Monster Porcupines!

Check out this snake! Brittany would've
loved to hold this one! jk

We got to go into a neat petting zoo and feed the animals. I didn't care too much about feeding the goats because we have our own at home, but it was cool to feed the exotic deer!
It was very nice to get up close and personal with the animals. You even got to feed the giraffs!