Sunday, April 24, 2016


We have a park nearby our home that has a beautiful covered arena and green grass. Hundreds of people go there to use this horse arena and park and partake in its great accommodations that it offers to equestrians.  But it was not always this beautiful. Underneath it's wood chips, mulch, and grass lies layers and layers of unwanted trash and garbage. It was a few decades before a landfill filled to the brim then eventually covered up with soil. That soil is the foundation of a new start. A new life. A new hope for something amazing that can benefit many people.
That landfill is a lot like us as flawed human beings. We all sin and have a lot of garbage that has been layered up. But once we have turned over and been truly converted to Christ, He can forgive us and give us a new layer of soil that can be a foundation to a new start. We are all children of God and he wants us to grow to the best potential that we can be. If we repent and come unto Him we can once again be beautified.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Value of Work

As I was pondering the wonderful year and the fun filled activities for 2015,  I can recall that it was a lot of work and its a wonder we were able to do all these thing. I hope you took time in watching the little video of a few clips and pictures that I had of each of my children. I am so proud of all the things that they were able to accomplish this year.
Tillison was able to work at Chiltons cattle ranch in Kansas and James ranch in Williams, AZ. He has learned so much on how to ride, rope, and care for cattle. He also has a little side job where he has to wake up at 5 am to feed some horses at Angel Acres which is a healing equestrian center. Through all his little job opportunity he was able to save up almost $500 to buy himself a new bike.  It is his pride and joy. He was also able to save up some money to purchase a new milk goat that he will be showing in the county fair this next season. Showing his dairy goat was a huge fear that he was able to conquer this season. Now he is excited for this year.
Bridger was also able to show a dairy goat at the county fair this year. Even though he was not interested in it like Tillison was, he still did it and did a fantastic job at it. He also has competed in a few shooting competitions and got 2 and 3 places which is amazing for being 9.
Chisolm got baptized this year in January. He has become such a neat boy. He LOVES to work with his dad. He also has latched onto a passion for hunting and is dads new hunting partner. He is one tough kid.
Brogan is such a fun kid that has a soft heart. He loves his little sister and is an example to her when I need help around the house. It is really neat to see him clean the house and pay close attention to the details. Sometimes he stays up late while his brothers are in bed and will pick up the room. THat makes me so happy! He also is my big helper in the garden. He will water it for me and will also harvest it knowing the correct veggies to pick.
Clancy loves to cook with Mama! She is always at my side when I am in the kitchen, whether its cooking or loading the dishwasher. She will make a great homemaker one day.
Elder Burton taught that "One of parents’ most important responsibilities is to teach their children to work. Even young children can begin to experience the benefits of working when they are involved in household chores and in service to others. Wise parents will work alongside their children, will provide frequent praise, and will make sure no task is overwhelming."
As a mother it is dificult to find that balance of having the patience of teaching my children the important principle of work and trying not to do it for them because it may be fast or better. This coming year I will try harder to teach my kids the value of work as they work beside me and hopfully it will build their love for working as well.