Thursday, October 6, 2011


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Monday, September 12, 2011

Handcart Trek

In June, we were asked to be Ma and Pas on a Handcart Trek that the Taylor, AZ Stake put on. This is great experience for the youth to gain a testimony of the Mormon Pioneers that sacrificed their lives to establish the church. It was neat to be put into families, not knowing anyone, and becoming a Trek Family after a few days. These kids will always be considered my friends and my children forever. I love them all and have kept in contact with them on facebook. I am so grateful for the opportunity to go on the handcart trek and strengthening my testimony of the church as well. I will never forget the experiences we had and would definatly go on a Handcart Trek again!

Ma and Pa Miller


We took a trip to Texas in May. There were many things on our agenda...
1. Visit Billy the Kids Home Town, Lincoln, NM
2. Visit Wes' and Annes Ranch
3. Go to Ranch Rodeo
4. Hopefully Anne will have her baby (she did! Perfect timing)
5. Chilton's Graduation from TCU Ranch Management Program
6. Enjoy Ft. Worth
7. Visit Brooke and Nich in Amarillo, TX
8. Little Madison's 1st Birthday

Here are a few pictures of the trip. If I uploaded them all it would take all day and be a photobook. Enjoy...

TT shooting at the Big Texan!
Baby Boots at the Ranch Rodeo

Grandpa Nick, Anne and Papa.
Sharing an ice cream cone.

John Wayne roping at the rodeo

This was a little event that Jr. Red and John Wayne competed in. Its called the boot scramble. The kids took off their boots and had to run where they were piled up in the middle of the arena and find their boots, put them on, then run back to the finnish line. Jr. Red got 1st place and John Wayne got 2nd place. The first place winner got a brand new pair of boots at Mr. Boots Western Wear. So we got a pair of Anderson Bean high top boots. Retailed at $120! You cannot purchase Anderson Bean Boots in AZ. So he LOVES his boots and wears them everywhere.

MyLove and Baby Boots driving to the ranch.

John Wayne showing off his bowie knife. (yes he wore it all over Texas.)
The boys in Lincoln, MN. Looking at all the Billy the Kids hometown sites.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Food Storage Calculator

How much are we prepared? We need to hope for the best but plan for the worst. Here is a helpful tool to evaluate how much food your personal family needs for one year. Take a goal and work on it, if its buying 24lbs of salt in one trip. (Thats our family recommendation) Cheap, cheap. At Walmart salt was on sale for .50 cents per pound. That would only be $12 of salt for the year. No prop! Check it out and evaluate your year supply.