Thursday, April 22, 2010

AZ Dinosaur Museum

The Miller Family have a tradition to go visit different museums and such in the Spring. So we decided to go to the Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa. I suggested this one cause the boys right now have a huge fascination with dinosaurs right now. So this was a perfect place to go. When you first walk in there is this huge Mammoth skelleton. It was breathtaking... T.T. Always asks How big are mammoths or dinosaurs and this clearly explained all his little questions.

Here is a prehistoric shark jaw and another mammoth.

Here is the TRex. The boys loved this one...

They had full size animated dinos there too with an indoor waterfall.

The jail cells of the Mesa Jail.

The sabber-tooth. Im glad these things dont roam wild nowadays!

Gold panning was really fun!

Some weird skull. Crazy stuff!

Here is a metorite that a blacksmith in Tuscon used as an anvil. Do you know how much that thing is worth? Well if an oz of gold is at $1200, metorites are 8 times more valuable than gold...Do the math!...

There was some cool experiments that the kids got to do. Black lights are so fun!

The End!