Sunday, July 10, 2016

Unforgettable Family Reunion- Places to visit

Here are some of the highlights of the stops that we were able to visit.

Below is the Independence, MO Visitors Center. 
 Inside the visitors center we were able to see displays of what the Mormons went through in that area at the delicate time of establishing their new religion. 

Steamboat Arabia
This is such a neat museum where they have on display items of a cargo steamboat that was found going from Kansas City to St. Louis. It crashed only 6 miles out of Kansas City. Everything was so well preserved and we were in awe looking at all of the treasures that were on the steamboat. 

 Below is the actual sump that sunk the boat.
 These are the steam pipes that were actually the metal that was detected so that they could find it.

 Here are the bones of the only causality of the crash, an old mule that was still tied to the rail.

Here is the Liberty Jail where Joseph Smith and a few other men spent 5 cold months awaiting their trial. Here he was able to receive three revelations that are recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants. 

Clancy was able to help hold a picture in the presentation.

Jesse James Bank
This is the first bank that Jesse James stole from. Unfortunately we didn't have time to tour the museum but it was worth the picture. Located in Liberty, Mo.

Far West Missouri
This little town was where we had many family members, which were early Mormon settlers, die at this area. 

 The cemetery in Far West isn't a marked cemetery. Unfortunately there were over 200 people that were interned in the cemetery at the time. All of their headstones and markers were destroyed and used for foundations for houses of people that kicked them out of the town or also used as fence posts. Below is my son Tillison Miller. He is pointing in the direction of where our 7th great grandpa is buried. It is the same grandfather in which we named him after, Tillison Reed. This picture is a real treasure to him. 
Here again is a Far West Temple Lot picture. 

Haun's Mill
 This is the location of Hauns Mill where a huge massacre took place.  It occurred on October 30, 1838 when a mob/militia unit from Livingston County, Missouri, attacked a Mormon settlement in eastern Caldwell County, MissouriUnited States, after the Battle of Crooked River.[1] By far the bloodiest event in the 1838 Mormon War in Missouri, it has long been remembered by the members of the Latter-Day Saint movement.

 Below is a concrete marker that is very old and hard to read. 

 This is a monument is a small town near the Mill that has the original grinding stone. 

This was in Illinois. I love this sign and want one on my road. 

This is the Mississippi River. I am in awe overtime I see it. 

Carthage Jail 
This is the jail in which Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were murdered by an angry mob. It still has a special spirit about it. 

Above is the second story window in which he fell out of. 
 This is the stair case the mob ran up to the room where all of the men were at. 
 Above is the inside window where he fell out of. Below is the hole in the door where Hyrum took is fatal shot in the head. 

 Hyrum and Joseph Smith statue

Mark Twain Caves in Hannibal, Missouri

 There are over 20,000 names inscribed in these caves. These are the caves where Mark Twain got the inspiration to write his books Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. 

Big Springs located in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. 
 These Springs are outstanding. They produce over 286 million gallons of water per day. This is an incredible spring. I am so glad that we visited it. 

Branson, Missouri
Below are some pretty cool places that we were able to drive past. We only went to one show which is Dolly Partons, Dixie Stampede. The fed us and we had an amazing equestrian show. 

 Here in Branson, Papa was able to show the boys how to fish. Unfortunately, Sam was severely sunburned from the day before tubing trip and could not hardly move so he wasn't able to join in on the fun. 

6666 Ranch Supply House. This area was so beautiful.