Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Atonement of Christ

Jesus Christ is my brother. He came to this life as part of our eternal plan. He was the greatest example of how a life should be lived. He was unselfish, helped others, and taught others. As part of the Plan, he gave his life so that we can all have a chance to be forgiven of our sins and make it back to our Heavenly Father.
I am not a perfect person. I have made many mistakes that have left a pit in my stomach for days. In many occasions I have had to get on my knees and talk to my Heavenly Father and ask for His forgiveness. As part of the human process, we have our agency to choose and act for ourselves. When we need that forgiveness we can reach out to our Father and through the repentance process we can be forgiven. Jesus Christ is my Savior and through Him I can be more perfected. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

What is a great leader?

            In Institute this week we had a great discussion about the qualities that Nephi had to make him a great leader. Now Nephi was the son of the prophet Lehi. In the first book of Nephi in the Book of Mormon, Lehi and his family we commanded to flee Jerusalem into the wilderness. Whenever Lehi would tell his family what they should do his oldest sons Laman and Lemuel would always complain even to the point where they even wanted to take their own father's life. Nephi is the complete opposite. He has a "Can Do" Attitude. If he wanted to know what was going on he would pray and get answers. In our discussion we talked about some of these qualities that Nephi had to make him spectacular. He was obedient, humble, faithful, patient, long suffering, proactive, didn't complain. He was an ordinary man doing extra-ordinary things. I look up to him a lot and try to imply his positive attitude in my life. 
(Nephi praying to Heavenly Father after his bow broke)

            We also discussed how can asking your parents for counsel help your relationship with them and the Lord? Naturally wisdom comes with age. I shared with the group how my parents treat all of their kids. We were raised with a "Bible and a Belt". My parents taught us a lot and now that we are married I am sure they have a lot of commentary and tips of what we can do to help our lives. But they sit and wait for us to come to them for advice. They will not smother you with suggestions unless you ask for it. It is just like Heavenly Father sits and waits for us to come to Him and ask him for help. Just like my parents, He wants see us succeed but will give us advice if we come to Him and ask him for it.
           (my dad with my daughter)

          The third point was, Why is it dangerous to ignore or become past feeling to the Holy Ghost? When we offend the Holy Ghost through anger, pornography, transgressions, selfishness, and other situations, he will leave us and we will become numb to his promptings. At this point we can become "past-feeling" which is a dangerous place to be in. We cannot feel the Holy Ghost's promptings and comfort in which we so desperately need every day.  As long as we are clean, we can become teachable through the Holy Ghost. This is similar to a fire. Once we are blessed with the Gift of the Holy Ghost after our baptism it is a small glowing fire within us. If we keep feeding that fire we will always be able to feel that warmth and comfort within is. Once we transgress it is the same as sprinkling water or dirt onto that fire. Soon the fire will get suffocated and eventually die if it is not fed. We need to stay clear of anything that will put out our spiritual fire and continually feed it.