Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Family Pictures

'Bout time that we got a new family picture. We actually got them taken 3 times in 3 months by different photographers. These here are my fav from Erica Shurter. Go to her blog and check her out. She was fast and brought candy for the boys. John Wayne just woke up from a nap right before we took the pictures and was not happy and cranky, but you would never know by the pictures. Highly recomend her to everyone in the White Mountains!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Quite the story behind these picutres. Me, MyLove and the kids took a drive to a secret spot to check for bear sign at a place that I was going to hunt my first bear. Right when we got in the area, what do you know, A BEAR! He didnt spook when we saw him so MyLove filmed him and made sure the kids saw him.... We didnt want to bother him, so we could get in there in the morning and get him. Right when we drove off, BANG, BANG! Ah, thats our bear. Someone shot him. Anyways we met up with him, who turned out to be a neat young man. He even let me, and the boys in on the fun and help track the bear. What a neat experience, to see something so fresh and meeting another great hunter!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I have created a blog in dedication to my mother-in-law who is currently battling an awful case of Leukemia. We are going to have a fundraiser for her Oct. 9th, 2010, at the OLS Community Center, in Taylor, AZ. The Navajo Taco Dinner will start at 5:30, ($5/plate or $20/family) and have a live auction at 6:30. There will also be a Bake Sale and Silent Auction as well that night.

Please visit her blog for up-to-date info on her progress.

Continue praying for her progress. We sure love her and want a safe healing for her. Thanks!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am organizing a fund raiser for my mother-in-law, who has been diaganosed with Philadelphia Postive Acute Lymphobalstic Leukemia. She is currently getting chemotherapy treatments in Zion, IL. The date and place isn't confirmed yet. I will post as soon as it is.

I am in charge of the Auction part of the fundraiser. We are looking for all sorts of idems for the auction from lawn & home decor, guns, gift cards, all sort of homemade crafts, and gift baskets.

For all those uncrafty people a Gift Basket is so easy to put together and pretty afforadable as well. Here are some ideas...

Movie Night
put in a popcorn bowl,
Family DVD, microwave popcorn, popcorn seasoning, theater size candy, 2 lt. pop, 3D glasses

Chocolate! truffles, anything chocolate covered, hot chocolate, chocolate covered spoons or straws, chocolate syrup

Cozy Night
Hot chocolate, mini marshmallows, insulated cups or mugs, candy canes, whipped cream, soft blanket

Snack Time
Nutella, frosting tub, pretzels, vanilla waffers, dried fruit, gram crackers, cookies

Sprinkles, nuts, syrups, cherries, ice cream cones, ice cream scoop, sundae bowls

In The Garden
In a terra cotta pot,
Gardening gloves, snippers, veggie seeds, flower seed/bulbs, sprinkler, windchims, plant markers, fertalizer, bug spray, kneeling pad

From the Garden
Canned foods like relishes, pickles, soups, veggies, dehydrated foods as well, recipie cards

From the Orchard
Canned fruits like apples, peaches, pears, berries

Jams and Jelly Basket
Any homemade jams or jellies, loaf of homemade bread

Baby Shower
Diapers, wipies, pacifiers, baby wash, powders, lotions, burp rags, diaper pins, baby brush, bottles, stuffed animal, toys, baby blanket

Bath and Body (for man or woman)
Soaps, perfume/collogne, body wash, brushes, candles, back scratcher, razors, shaving cream, sponge, rolled up bath towel, bath mit, massage oil, lotions, bath salts, bubble bath, rubber ducky

Date Night
Cologne, body wash, gum, chapstick, Movie Tickets, Resturant Certificate

Picnic Basket
In a cute wicker basket
Plastic plates and utincles, pop, chips, buns, condiments, table cloth

Glamour Girl
Tutu, bows, ribbons, gloves, tiara, lipgloss, anil polish, feather boa

Cookie Baker
In a mixing bowl or cookie jar
Cookie cutters, cookie recipie, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips, frosting, extracts

On a platter
BBQ utincles, apron, potholders, cook book, skewers, meat tenderizer, BBQ Sauce, BBQ brush, Rub seasoning

Person Who Has Everything
Chocolate, gormet cookies, movie tickets, Resturant , Spa, Fittness Center or Magizine Subscription

Bulletin board boarders, cute notepads, sticker, glue, glue sticks, erasers, pencils

Bread Basket
Any homemade breads like zucchini, bananna, shortbread, Amish bread, with jelly/jam, honey, honeybutter

Wrapped in a castiron fry pan and hand towel
Pancake Mix, syrups, juice, jam, honey

Off to College
In a laundry basket or bag
Roll of quarters, small laundry soap, laundry bag, spot remover, dryer sheets, directions how to do basic laundry, bath towel, iron, room deodorizer

Pamper Basket
Candles, bubblebath, bath soaps, body spray, small box of chocolates, vitamin E cream or cocoa butter, sponge

Dinner in a basket
In a collinder
Pasta in a mason jar tied with a ribbon, Gormet pasta sauce, Shaker cheese, clove of garlic, Italian Seasoning, pasta or wooden spoon, candles, french bread loaf, gormet cookies

Man Basket
Jerky, beef sticks, cheese, pepper rings or spread, crackers, cookies, candy bars, hard candy, pop gatorade or drink mix, gum
Make it into a Hiking basket and add trail mix, compass, bug repelant, sun screen, ect.

Kids Crafting
Assorted papers, coloring books, crayons, coloring pencils, washable markers, stickers, paint box and brushes, kid proof sizzors, pipe cleaners, pom poms, googly eyes, sprinkles, elmers glue

In an Festive Basket
Matching plates, napkins, cups, nixed nuts, nut cracker, cookies, cheese ball, sasuage stick, crackers, Christmas CD, tree decorations

Car Wash
Tire gauge, motor oil, car wash gel, turtle wax, chamois, squeegee, milage log and pen, travel mug, fragrant mirror hangers, car wipies

Hot Lovers
Spices: cayenne, black pepper, white pepper, crushed red pepper, chili powder, papricka, chili sauce, fresh peppers, recipies, Pepto Bismol

Young at Heart
Silly puddy, magnets, magnifing glass, yo-yo, paper airplane kit, kite, kaleideo scope, puzzles, rubix cube

Chinese Lovers
Tea Set, Cookbook, cleaver, chopsticks, dried mushrooms, soy sauce, plum sauce, sweet & sour sauce, mandrine oranges, Thai noodles, sliced almonds, Jasmine rice

Survival/ 72hr Kits
In a water proof container
Water bottles, compass, flashlights, whistles, glow sticks, freeze-dried foods or MRE's, rolled coins, razors, light rope, tarp, sewing kit, desposable toothbrushes, trail mix, water tablets, chapstick, asprin (this list can go on and on...)

Good luck, and hope you can find something to donate. Thanks again!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Heres my little Vampire. His very 1st tooth was this cute little fang tooth on the top. He then poped in the two bottom. Hes so cute, white, and such a ladys man, thats why we call him Edward now.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jr. Red's Birthday! ~5~

Yeay, Jr. Red finally turned 5. Hes getting to be such a big boy. He's very curious and likes to figure out how things work. He loves to play with his brothers and is my garden helper! We sure love him!

The Last Set of Babies- Triplets

Here is Sweet Creams babies. She wins for the cutest set of babies! They are all Males also, go figure...I love how this one is 2 colors!
Quite a colorful little guy, looks like a Longhorn calf.

And this one looks like a deer. He has 3 white boots.

These babies aren't even a day old. Born June 1st, 2010.
Ah, they are so cute I cant hardly stand it! Since this is Sweet Creams first set of babies, I have to break her to milk. So we'll see how this goes, wish me luck!...

Notice, all these babies have the same daddy...

Our 2nd Set of Babies-Twins

Heres our babies from Ginger, my milker. She had 2 females.
Born May 21, 2010.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby Goats- first set!

Here are our baby goats that were born Thursday, May 20th.

The little creme colored doe.
The white buck.

And this buck is painted white and creme.

They are too cute!

Now the milking begins...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Our trip to Texas was so fun! I am going to post some of the major stops that we did there. Its going to be a big post, cause Everything is BIG in TEXAS, as you will find out. So here we are in Fort worth for Sam's brothers Graduation from TCU Ranch Management. I didn't bring my camera at the graduation but got this picture the next day at the building where he went to class. What a beautiful city, if you could call a city beautiful, my favorite in Texas.
In Forth Worth we went and saw some different sites. Here were are at the Stockyards. There were so many bronze statues and some huge figurines. Eveything thing is bigger in Texas.

At the Stockyards.

Peek a boo...

We came back to Amarillo to stay for a few days. Here we are at the Big Texan, where Brooke has a part time job Fiddling. While we were eating the gutiarist that Brooke would play with asked if me and Brooke wanted to play a song. So we jumped up there and played him one. It was so fun. What a neat place, and I highly recomend if you are driving through Amarillo stop there and enjoy a steak and have great fun while your are at it.

They have a shooting range that you shoot all sorts of crazy things.

They were so excited.

Like I said Everything IS BIGGER in Texas!!

We also got to spend Mothers Day together. Also being Mothers Day all the family got to talk to my brother John who is on a mission in Mexico City. Then we squeezed Brooke in some pressure points and got her labor to kick in. What a day!...

Weston and Baby Boots. They are 6 months apart.

Yeay, Brooke had her baby May 10, 2010 (5/10/10) at 5:10 am. Kinda cool with the numbers. They named her Madison May Kenny. What a beautiful baby!

We spent 31 hours in that car round trip!! But the boys were troopers and did better than I thought.
Here John Wayne fell asleep with jerkey in his mouth. He still has a peice in his hand also.

The last stop was Catillac Ranch just out of Amarillo. The boys thought it was silly that there was so many colorful cars sticking out of the ground.

It was sucha great trip. Cant wait to go again!

Horned Toad

The boys found a horned toad while they were playing in the yard.

I showed them how horned toads stick to your shirt, so Jr. Red kept it on his for a while.
Then John Wayne wanted to give it a try. So I put it on his shirt and it slowly started to crawl up to his neck. I just crack up at John Waynes expression because right after I took this picture, he let out the funniest scream. You can see it comming in his picture. I still laugh at it... It is the very bottom picture...

The Boys First Dentist Appt.

Of corse I couldn't leave this picture out. Here is Baby Boots being smothered by animals and dinosaurs.

Don't you love the excitement in these little faces?

They each had their turn getting xrays and getting their teeth cleaned.
Final result...
T.T-. 1 cavity
Jr. Red- 3 cavities
John Wayne- 0 cavities, yeay!