Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby Goats- first set!

Here are our baby goats that were born Thursday, May 20th.

The little creme colored doe.
The white buck.

And this buck is painted white and creme.

They are too cute!

Now the milking begins...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Our trip to Texas was so fun! I am going to post some of the major stops that we did there. Its going to be a big post, cause Everything is BIG in TEXAS, as you will find out. So here we are in Fort worth for Sam's brothers Graduation from TCU Ranch Management. I didn't bring my camera at the graduation but got this picture the next day at the building where he went to class. What a beautiful city, if you could call a city beautiful, my favorite in Texas.
In Forth Worth we went and saw some different sites. Here were are at the Stockyards. There were so many bronze statues and some huge figurines. Eveything thing is bigger in Texas.

At the Stockyards.

Peek a boo...

We came back to Amarillo to stay for a few days. Here we are at the Big Texan, where Brooke has a part time job Fiddling. While we were eating the gutiarist that Brooke would play with asked if me and Brooke wanted to play a song. So we jumped up there and played him one. It was so fun. What a neat place, and I highly recomend if you are driving through Amarillo stop there and enjoy a steak and have great fun while your are at it.

They have a shooting range that you shoot all sorts of crazy things.

They were so excited.

Like I said Everything IS BIGGER in Texas!!

We also got to spend Mothers Day together. Also being Mothers Day all the family got to talk to my brother John who is on a mission in Mexico City. Then we squeezed Brooke in some pressure points and got her labor to kick in. What a day!...

Weston and Baby Boots. They are 6 months apart.

Yeay, Brooke had her baby May 10, 2010 (5/10/10) at 5:10 am. Kinda cool with the numbers. They named her Madison May Kenny. What a beautiful baby!

We spent 31 hours in that car round trip!! But the boys were troopers and did better than I thought.
Here John Wayne fell asleep with jerkey in his mouth. He still has a peice in his hand also.

The last stop was Catillac Ranch just out of Amarillo. The boys thought it was silly that there was so many colorful cars sticking out of the ground.

It was sucha great trip. Cant wait to go again!

Horned Toad

The boys found a horned toad while they were playing in the yard.

I showed them how horned toads stick to your shirt, so Jr. Red kept it on his for a while.
Then John Wayne wanted to give it a try. So I put it on his shirt and it slowly started to crawl up to his neck. I just crack up at John Waynes expression because right after I took this picture, he let out the funniest scream. You can see it comming in his picture. I still laugh at it... It is the very bottom picture...

The Boys First Dentist Appt.

Of corse I couldn't leave this picture out. Here is Baby Boots being smothered by animals and dinosaurs.

Don't you love the excitement in these little faces?

They each had their turn getting xrays and getting their teeth cleaned.
Final result...
T.T-. 1 cavity
Jr. Red- 3 cavities
John Wayne- 0 cavities, yeay!