Monday, February 9, 2009

Texas Here We Come

Saturday Mom, Brittany and I Drove to Texas as fast as we could to race to Texas. Brooke called at 11:00 and said her water broke so we went to Briana's baby shower and then packed up and took off. We arrived in Texas 12:30 pm. Brooke had Weston at 9:20 Texas time. She sure had a quick delivery. She went through her whole hospital stay without any pain killers or even Tylenol! What A Women!

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Teanne said...

Wow- no pain killers. She's amazing. How fun having another nephew.

Heard you are expecting too! Congratulations. So excited for you. Hopefully one of you will have a girl soon... well not Brittany that wouldn't be fair... but someone else needs one. :)