Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Herd or should I say Flock?

Heres Peanut and her 2 babies. Along with Sweet Cream down by the fence.
This picture is my prime milker, Ginger. Shes the best goat that we have. Eventhough she has horns, she is so gentle and loves to be pet by the kids.

This is Ginger and the baby she had this year, Zena. MyLoves dad loves the baby cause she so nice like her mom. She also is the only goat that the horses like. She can play and eat right under their bellies.

Here is Sweet Cream, the goat Brooke raised, and the 2 other white babies Peanut had this year.
The babies got named by the neighbors, Mike and Mary. But I prefer not to name ones that we will butcher. Goat meat is one of the healthest red meat you can eat. So is goat milk. It truely saved John Wayne, from his asthma. He loves warm, "freshly squeezed" milk now.

Back in the back is the seventh goat we had pastured out in Vernon. She is a pigmy goat that MyLoves cousin gave to us. Since she is so little all the other goats pick on her. So we will sell her soon for someone else to enjoy.

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Karl Collett said...

Ginger looks great. I didn't know you had so many goats. We only have 6 today but Monday when Sam comes over with the Teachers we will be down to three.