Sunday, January 31, 2010


I haven't heard of anyone that I know personally getting their identy stolen and don't wish it for anyone. But I don't want to go completly private. So I am giving everyone in our family a nickname. Now these nicknames are pretty much established between us anyways and are pretty self-explanitory and probably easy to figure out. So happy blogging to everyone...P.S. I don't hate comments. ;)


Johnston*family said...

Good idea.. mind if I use it?
BTW, I always check your blog when you post something new. I'm just not good at leaving comments. I'll do better.

shurter's :) said...

Hey Bridget!

How are you? Haven't seen or talked to you guys in a long time! I'm glad I found your blog! Your boys are adorable! So fun to see them and you! Take care! :) Erica