Friday, February 5, 2010

Bar D Wranglers

We had the oppritunity to watch the -D Wranglers perform in Snowflake, Feb 4th, 2010. What a neat show. Here is MyLove, Matt Palmer and his son after the show. It was fun to see Matt after so many years. The Palmer Family were friends of our family back before all of us kids were married. Back in the Good ol' Days...

Heres 2 of the other performers, the rhythem guitarist and bass player signing CDs.

This is the famous Sy Scarbrough, signing one of friends CDs. He is the one that put together the Bar D Wranglers 30something years ago.


Rick-n-Christa-n-CJ-n-Rigin said...

I love how you said that you knew one of the band members back before you were married, back in the good ol' days.

bridgetandsam said...

Ha, Ha. The good ol days when I didnt have so much to worry about, when I was single. Those were the good OL' days. These are the good now days. lol