Thursday, February 25, 2010

T.T.'s Photography

I got into my camera and found all of these random pictures. T.T. will take my camera and take pictures of random things around the house...It just makes me laugh at some of them, and alot of them are pretty good and creative for a 6 year old. Who knows maybe it will progress into something bigger down the road...Here are some of them....
Baby Boots

Our Candy Jar

The wall furnace...?

Hes having fun too!

Sally...ahh...(I know you are thinking that Brooke) :)

Their stilts that they got for Christmas.

After dinner...

A soft place to lay...

Daddy Tickling Time

Jr.Reds picture

Baby Boots wants the

I wish this one was a little clearer. So cute.

John Wayne...jumping on the couch.

T.T.'s leg.

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Brooke Kenny said...

Brogan is getting so big! He is so cute! Sally loves to have her picture taken, she is so silly!