Sunday, July 10, 2016

Unforgettable Family Vacation-Temples

The route of our trip was planned very carefully so that we will be able to stop and see as many temples as we could. Here they are in order that we saw them on the trip. 
Albuquerque, New Mexico 

 This is not an LDS church but I do think it is note worthy to post. This is the Community of Christ Temple which was formally the RLDS. This is located in Independence, Missouri. They were having their General Conference here so we were not able to go inside, but it still was pretty grand. 

Kansas City, Missouri 

Nauvoo, Illinois

 Top and bottom pictures are at the St. Louis, Missouri Temple. I love both of these shots so I included both pictures. 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Lubbock, Texas

Below are sites in Missouri that the early Mormons started building temples and it has been prophesied that one day these temples will be rebuilt. 
 This is Independence, Missouri temple lot which is adjacent to the Community of Christ Temple. 

Below are pictures of the Far West, Missouri Temple site. The corner stones are all ready placed and preserved for a temple to be built in the future.

Heres one of our favorite places, Adam-ondi-Ahman. There was an amazing spirit about this place. 

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