Saturday, July 9, 2016

Unforgettable Family Vacation- Ramsey Reunion

Here are a few pictures of the Ramsey Reunion which is the whole purpose that we went on the huge trip.  
 This is Alley Spring and Mill. This is the Grain Mill that Grandpa Stonewall would take his families grain to. They would camp out and wait at this area while the other farmer would grind their grain. 

 Inside the mill

 Alley Spring produces 81 Million gallons of water per day. 

 This is the church and cemetery that many family member were buried at. 

 This is the infamous barn that the Ramseys built. It is almost 100 years old and still study. It is officially a state park now. This barn is also a family symbol for the Ramseys. It was so neat to actually visit it. 

On Saturday, we had a chance to go tubing down Alley Springs. It was a very chilly water but it was our family's first time tubing. We, Anne, and Andyn were teamed together. Sam and I were a team. Tillison and Chisolm, and Bridger and Papa were a team. Along with us was also Ezra and his two younger girls in a canoe. I am grateful that Ezra came because he took these photos and also he drug behind him tubes that his girls sat in. Well, the youngest daughter was too small and kept falling through the middle so he put her in the canoe with him. There was a point in the river that was really fast and had fallen trees in it. My tube got stabbed by one of the branches and popped so I was able to use the extra one that his daughter didn't use. It was 7 miles long and about 3 hours. We all got severely sunburnt especially Sam and Wes. They ended up having blister the size of silver dollars on their shins. The adventure was still a blast. 

Tillison playing in the water after we were done. 

 This is Tillison and Chisolm

 This butterfly stayed with Wes for most of the trip. 

Above is Sam and I. Below is Ed and Bridger. 

The river passed by our hotel so we grabbed Brogan and Clancy and they were able to finish the last 10 min with us. Here they are playing in the water after we were done tubing. 

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